Rehearsal Pieces


Man of La Mancha-58-98–Pay close attention to triplets versus quarters/eighths.  In the percussion parts, it is important to lay back on time and not rush as you play.  For everyone, the goal is playing smoothly and lyrically.

135-end–Start to become familiar with notes and rhythms-I’m less concerned about 16th note runs as I am with the clarity of dotted rhythms and eighth notes.  Pay close attention to articulations as well.
I, Don Quixote (Richard Kiley as Don Quixote)-
Dulcinea-(Simon Gilbert dubbing Peter O’Toole as Don Quixote)-

Strike Up the Band-beg-73-Percussion needs to pay close attention to rhythms and alignment with the pulse.  For everyone, pay close attention to keeping the parts in time-practice with a metronome set to the subdivision (quarter notes in cut time, eighth notes in 4/4).
A great recording can be found at

Lincolnshire Posy-98-end-pay close attention to anything that starts off the beat.  Throughout, pay close attention to the placement of articulations, particularly accents.  Work through the key signature and keeping time.  Practice with a metronome throughout to keep time.

President’s Own Marine Band-

























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