Rehearsal Pieces


Man of La Mancha-120-end-Practice keeping time in the 9/8 (think of 6/8 with an extra beat).  We will be focusing on transitions between tempos, time signatures, and styles, starting at m. 135

A Festival Prelude-1-36–pay close attention to the difference between dotted eighth sixteenth notes and triplet rhythms.  Watch accidentals closely.  Look for the repeated figures you have in your part.
Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble playing Festival Prelude

Encanto Overture-mm 1-44-Pay close attention to articulations, tone control, and accidentals.

March Grandioso-Full piece–Practice quick passages, paying particular attention to runs mixed rhythms
US Army Band

Be prepared to revisit Lincolnshire Posy and Strike Up the Band.





















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